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The Scope of IJCAS
The journal covers three strongly re-
lated research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world.

In the journal, some of the covered technical areas are
  1. Control Theory and Applications
  2. Robot and Applications
  3. Intelligent Control and Applications

Journal Readership
The backgrounds of the subscribers
to the journal are diverse including e-
lectrical, mechanical, chemical, aero-
space and aeronautic, industrial, and
control engineering. But, their main fo-
cuses are control and automation. Therefore, the journal provides a very strong synergy effect throughout the multidisciplinary research areas.

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  2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.733 [2020-07-15]
  2018 Journal Impact Factor: 2.181 [2019-06-27]
  Special Issue on Marine Robotics and Control Systems (Submission of manuscripts: by August 15, 2019) [2019-03-25]
  Special Issue on Robotics in Medicine (Submission of manuscripts: by April 1, 2019) [2019-02-14]

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Current Issue : Vol. 18, No. 10,  October 2020

ISSN : 1598-6446 (print)
ISSN : 2005-4092 (electronic)

Published by ICROS & KIEE
Distributed by Springer
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Reachable Set Estimation for Uncertain Linear Systems with Known Inputs
Zhihao Zhang, Xinsheng Wang, Wenbo Xie, Xin Zhang*, and Yi Shen, vol.18, no.10, pp.2445-2455, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
PID Principles to Obtain Adaptive Variable Gains for a Bi-order Sliding Mode Control
Sergio Alvarez-Rodríguez* and Gerardo Flores, vol.18, no.10, pp.2456-2467, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Distributed Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems with Dynamic Quantization and L2-L∞ Control
Shixun Xiong*, Qingxian Wu, and Yuhui Wang, vol.18, no.10, pp.2468-2481, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-based Adaptive Output Feedback Prescribed Performance Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Control Directions
Chunyan Wang*, Mengqi Zhang, Huan Li, and Na Wang, vol.18, no.10, pp.2482-2491, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Fuzzy Adaptive Fixed-time Sliding Mode Control with State Observer for A Class of High-order Mismatched Uncertain Systems
Ali Soltani Sharif Abadi*, Pooyan Alinaghi Hosseinabadi, and Saad Mekhilef, vol.18, no.10, pp.2492-2508, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Design and Performance Validation of Integrated Navigation System Based on Geometric Range Measurements and GIS Map for Urban Aerial Navigation
Gwangsoo Park, Byungjin Lee, Dong Gyun Kim, Young Jae Lee, and Sangkyung Sung*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2509-2521, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A GPC-based Multi-variable PID Control Algorithm and Its Application in Anti-swing Control and Accurate Positioning Control for Bridge Cranes
Bin Yang*, Zhenxing Liu, Huikang Liu, Yan Li, and Sen Lin, vol.18, no.10, pp.2522-2533, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Distributed Optimization over General Directed Networks with Random Sleep Scheme
Zheng Wang, Lifeng Zheng*, and Huaqing Li*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2534-2542, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Improved LMI Conditions for Unknown Input Observer Design of Discrete-time LPV Systems
Matheus Senna de Oliveira* and Renan Lima Pereira, vol.18, no.10, pp.2543-2551, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-triggered Control for Linear Systems with Model Uncertainty and Clock Offset
Xiang-hua Jiang and Qiang Ling*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2552-2561, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-based Finite-time Boundedness of Discrete-time Network Systems
Yingqi Zhang*, Miaojun Zhan, Yan Shi, and Caixia Liu, vol.18, no.10, pp.2562-2571, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Secure Control of Networked Switched Systems with Random DoS Attacks via Event-triggered Approach
Yonghui Liu, vol.18, no.10, pp.2572-2579, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Adaptive Event-triggered Control for Networked Switched T-S Fuzzy Systems Subject to False Data Injection Attacks
Yiwen Qi*, Shuo Yuan, and Xin Wang, vol.18, no.10, pp.2580-2588, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Distributed Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Multiagent Systems Subject to Hybrid Faults
Changchun Hua*, Zhijie Li, Kuo Li, Shuzong Chen, and Jie Sun, vol.18, no.10, pp.2589-2598, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Pinning Synchronization of Stochastic T-S Fuzzy Delayed Complex Dynamical Networks with Heterogeneous Impulsive Delays
Huilan Yang, Lan Shu, Shouming Zhong, Tao Zhan, and Xin Wang*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2599-2608, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Fast and Accurate Self-calibration Using Vanishing Point Detection in Manmade Environments
Sang Jun Lee and Sung Soo Hwang*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2609-2620, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Output Feedback Adaptive Control for Stochastic Non-strict-feedback System with Dead-zone
Yumei Sun*, Bingwei Mao, Hongxia Liu, and Shaowei Zhou, vol.18, no.10, pp.2621-2629, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Liquid Level Tracking Control of Three-tank Systems
Shuyou Yu*, Xinghao Lu, Yu Zhou, Yangyang Feng, Ting Qu, and Hong Chen, vol.18, no.10, pp.2630-2640, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Iterative Learning Model Predictive Control Approaches for Trajectory Based Aircraft Operation with Controlled Time of Arrival
Gaoyang Jiang* and Zhongsheng Hou, vol.18, no.10, pp.2641-2649, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Semi-automatic Knob System for Assisting Flexible Endoscope Steering
Hyun-Soo Yoon and Byung-Ju Yi*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2650-2657, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Robotic Path Planning Based on a Triangular Mesh Map
Yanbin Liu and Yuanyuan Jiang*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2658-2666, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Embedded Haptic Device Implementation for Soft Tissue Rendering
Humiko Yahaira Hernández Acosta*, Alejandro Miranda Cid, Alejandro Tonatiu Velázquez Sánchez, Mario Ramírez Neria, and Guillermo Manuel Urriolagoitia Calderón, vol.18, no.10, pp.2667-2677, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Development of a Soft Exosuit System for Walking Assistance During Stair Ascent and Descent
Hee Don Lee*, Heejin Park, Bak Seongho, and Tae Hun Kang*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2678-2686, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Probabilistic Model-adaptive Approach for Tracking of Motion with Heightened Uncertainty
J. Josiah Steckenrider* and Tomonari Furukawa, vol.18, no.10, pp.2687-2698, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Robust Place Recognition Using Illumination-compensated Image-based Deep Convolutional Autoencoder Features
Chansoo Park, Hee-Won Chae, and Jae-Bok Song*, vol.18, no.10, pp.2699-2707, October 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]

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