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The Scope of IJCAS
The journal covers three strongly re-
lated research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world.

In the journal, some of the covered technical areas are
  1. Control Theory and Applications
  2. Robot and Applications
  3. Intelligent Control and Applications

Journal Readership
The backgrounds of the subscribers
to the journal are diverse including e-
lectrical, mechanical, chemical, aero-
space and aeronautic, industrial, and
control engineering. But, their main fo-
cuses are control and automation. Therefore, the journal provides a very strong synergy effect throughout the multidisciplinary research areas.

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  2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.733 [2020-07-15]
  2018 Journal Impact Factor: 2.181 [2019-06-27]
  Special Issue on Marine Robotics and Control Systems (Submission of manuscripts: by August 15, 2019) [2019-03-25]
  Special Issue on Robotics in Medicine (Submission of manuscripts: by April 1, 2019) [2019-02-14]

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Current Issue : Vol. 18, No. 9,  September 2020

ISSN : 1598-6446 (print)
ISSN : 2005-4092 (electronic)

Published by ICROS & KIEE
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Constructive Analysis of Eigenvalue Problems in Control under Numerical Uncertainty
Pavel Osinenko*, Grigory Devadze, and Stefan Streif, vol.18, no.9, pp.2177-2185, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Output Feedback Regulation of a Class of Lower Triangular Nonlinear Systems with Arbitrary Unknown Measurement Sensitivity
Min-Sung Koo and Ho-Lim Choi*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2186-2194, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-triggered Pinning Bipartite Tracking Consensus of the Multi-agent System Subject to Input Saturation
Hai-Yun Gao and Ai-Hua Hu*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2195-2205, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Robust Fault Tolerant Control Design for Nonlinear Systems not Satisfying Matching and Minimum Phase Conditions
Riadh Hmidi*, Ali Ben Brahim, Fayçal Ben Hmida, and Anis Sellami, vol.18, no.9, pp.2206-2219, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-triggered Output Feedback Resilient Control for NCSs under Deception Attacks
Lisai Gao, Fuqiang Li*, and Jingqi Fu, vol.18, no.9, pp.2220-2228, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Extended Kalman Filters for Continuous-time Nonlinear Fractional-order Systems Involving Correlated and Uncorrelated Process and Measurement Noises
Fanghui Liu, Zhe Gao*, Chao Yang, and Ruicheng Ma, vol.18, no.9, pp.2229-2241, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Input-output Approach and Scaled Small Gain Theorem Analysis to Sampled-data Systems with Time-varying Delay
Ouarda Lamrabet*, El Houssaine Tissir, Nabil El Fezazi, and Fatima El Haoussi, vol.18, no.9, pp.2242-2250, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Adaptive Finite-time Tracking Control for Class of Uncertain Nonlinearly Parameterized Systems with Input Delay
Dajie Yao, Xiaofei Liu, and Jian Wu*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2251-2258, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Asymptotic Stability Analysis for Switched Stochastic Nonlinear Systems Using Mode-dependent Uniformly Stable Functions
Dianfeng Zhang, Yong-Feng Gao, and Sheng-Li Du*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2259-2267, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Prediction Error Identification Method for Continuous-time Systems Having Multiple Unknown Time Delays
Yamna Ghoul, vol.18, no.9, pp.2268-2276, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Chattering Free Distributed Consensus Control for Attitude Tracking of Spacecraft Formation System with Unmeasurable Angular Velocity
Miao Xu, Yiming Fang*, Jianxiong Li, and Xiaodong Zhao, vol.18, no.9, pp.2277-2288, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Congestion Tracking Control for Wireless TCP/AQM Network Based on Adaptive Integral Backstepping
Lujuan Ma, Xiaoping Liu*, Huanqing Wang, and Yucheng Zhou, vol.18, no.9, pp.2289-2296, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Actuator Failure Compensation Control Scheme of the Nonlinear Triangular Systems by Static Gain Technique
Fei Zhu, Xianfu Zhang*, and Hanfeng Li, vol.18, no.9, pp.2297-2305, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Image Preprocessing-based Generalization and Transfer of Learning for Grasping in Cluttered Environments
Kuk-Hyun Ahn and Jae-Bok Song*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2306-2314, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Robot Tracking in SLAM with Masreliez-Martin Unscented Kalman Filter
Ming Tang, Zhe Chen, and Fuliang Yin*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2315-2325, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Continuous Integral Sliding Mode Control of an Offshore Container Crane with Input Saturation
Gyoung-Hahn Kim, vol.18, no.9, pp.2326-2336, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Finite-time Control for Image-based Visual Servoing of a Quadrotor Using Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode
Guanglei Zhao*, Guangbo Chen, Jiannan Chen, and Changchun Hua, vol.18, no.9, pp.2337-2348, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
GPS and eLoran Integrated Navigation for Marine Applications Using Augmented Measurement Equation Based on Range Domain
Tae Hyun Fang*, Youngki Kim, Sul Gee Park, Kiyeol Seo, and Sang Hyun Park, vol.18, no.9, pp.2349-2359, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Speed Control for the Pitching Axis of a Remote Sensing Camera Using an Improved Active Disturbance Rejection Controller
Bing-You Liu, vol.18, no.9, pp.2360-2374, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Lateral Displacement Control for Agricultural Tractor Based on Cascade Control Structure
Shourui Wang, Chengqiang Yin*, Jie Gao, and Qun Sun, vol.18, no.9, pp.2375-2385, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Level Control of Quadruple Tank System Based on Adaptive Inverse Evolutionary Neural Controller
Nguyen Ngoc Son, vol.18, no.9, pp.2386-2397, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Distributed Adaptive Neural Consensus Control for Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems with Whole State Delays and Multiple Constraints
Yukun Tao, Feifei Yang*, Ping He, Congshan Li, and Yuqi Ji, vol.18, no.9, pp.2398-2410, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Dynamical Control for the Parametric Uncertain Cancer Systems
Yi-Horng Lai, Lan-Yuen Guo, Kun-Ching Wang, and Jau-Woei Perng*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2411-2422, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Adaptive Trajectory Neural Network Tracking Control for Industrial Robot Manipulators with Deadzone Robust Compensator
La Van Truong, ShouDao Huang, Vu Thi Yen, and Pham Van Cuong*, vol.18, no.9, pp.2423-2434, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Dissolved Oxygen Model Predictive Control for Activated Sludge Process Model Based on the Fuzzy C-means Cluster Algorithm
Minghe Li, Saifei Hu, Jianwei Xia, Jing Wang*, Xiaona Song, and Hao Shen, vol.18, no.9, pp.2435-2444, September 2020 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]

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