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The Scope of IJCAS
The journal covers three strongly re-
lated research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world.

In the journal, some of the covered technical areas are
  1. Control Theory and Applications
  2. Robot and Applications
  3. Intelligent Control and Applications

Journal Readership
The backgrounds of the subscribers
to the journal are diverse including e-
lectrical, mechanical, chemical, aero-
space and aeronautic, industrial, and
control engineering. But, their main fo-
cuses are control and automation. Therefore, the journal provides a very strong synergy effect throughout the multidisciplinary research areas.

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  2021 Journal Impact Factor: 2.964 (Category: Automation & Control Systems - Q2) [2022-06-29]
  2020 Journal Impact Factor: 3.314 (Category: Automation & Control Systems - Q2) [2021-07-08]
  2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.733 [2020-07-15]
  2018 Journal Impact Factor: 2.181 [2019-06-27]

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Current Issue : Vol. 20, No. 9,  September 2022

ISSN : 1598-6446 (print)
ISSN : 2005-4092 (electronic)

Published by ICROS & KIEE
Distributed by Springer
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Feedback Control Based on a Sequential Observer-predictor for Systems with Unknown Actuator Delay
David Fernando Novella-Rodríguez*, Juan Carlos Tudon-Martínez, Rocio Jasmin Vazquez-Guerra, and Juan Francisco Márquez-Rubio, vol.20, no.9, pp.2779-2791, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Fixed-time Disturbance Observer-based Sliding Mode Control for Mismatched Uncertain Systems
Yang Wang*, Mingshu Chen, vol.20, no.9, pp.2792-2804, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Event-triggering Signed-average Consensus Algorithms under Directed Signed Networks
Wen Du, Yusheng Wei*, and Shengli Fu, vol.20, no.9, pp.2805-2816, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Stabilization for a Class of Fractional-order Reaction Diffusion Systems by Dynamic Non-collocated Robust Piecewise Output Feedback Control
Ailiang Zhao, Junmin Li*, Yanfang Lei, and Zhongcheng Zhou*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2817-2829, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Characterization of Switched Descriptor Systems Under Three Equivalent Forms
Xiuyong Ding, vol.20, no.9, pp.2830-2838, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Output Feedback Stabilization of Stochastic Nonlinear Time-varying Delay Systems with Unknown Output Function
Mengmeng Gao, Junsheng Zhao*, Zong-yao Sun, and Jianwei Xia, vol.20, no.9, pp.2839-2848, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Truncated Predictor Feedback Control for Switched Linear Systems Subject to Input Delay and Saturation
Feiyue Wu and Jie Lian*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2849-2856, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Reachable Set Estimation for Itô Stochastic Semi-Markovian Jump Systems Against Multiple Time Delays
Shaoxin Sun, Xin Dai*, Ruipeng Xi, Yuliang Cai, Xiangpeng Xie, and Chunhua Zhang, vol.20, no.9, pp.2857-2867, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Global Regulation of a Chain of Integrators with an Unknown Delay in the Input via Reduced-order Observer Based Output Feedback with a Gain-scaling Factor
Ji-Sun Park, Sang-Young Oh, and Ho-Lim Choi*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2868-2878, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Quantitative Evaluation of Sensor Reconfigurability Based on Data-driven Method
Dongnian Jiang* and Wei Li, vol.20, no.9, pp.2879-2891, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Time-series Independent Component Analysis-aided Fault Detection for Running Gear Systems
Chao Cheng*, Sheng Yang, Yu Song, and Gang Liu, vol.20, no.9, pp.2892-2901, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Voltage Prediction in Transient Connection for Power Battery Modules: Experimental Results
You Xu, Qiang Wu, Limin Yu, and Jiehao Li*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2902-2914, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Integrated Design of Event-triggered Control and Mobile Non-collocated SANs for a Diffusion Process
Zhengxian Jiang*, Bo Zhuang, Xuyang Lou, and Wei Wu, vol.20, no.9, pp.2915-2926, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Parametric Design for Proportional Plus Double Integral Controller with Applications to Tracking Control in Space Optical Communication
Tianyi Zhao and Guangren Duan*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2927-2936, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Experimental Validation of Deadzone Compensation for a Magnetic Levitation Transporting OLED Displays System
Jaeyoung Kim, Galen B. King, Chang-Hyun Kim, and Chang-Wan Ha*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2937-2947, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Nonlinear Cascade Control for a New Coaxial Tilt-rotor UAV
Shengming Li, Zongyang Lv, Lin Feng, Yuhu Wu, and Yingshun Li*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2948-2958, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Study on the VR Goggle-based Vision System for Robotic Surgery
Young Gyun Kim, Gyeongbin Mun, Myungjoon Kim, Byoungjun Jeon, Jong Hyeon Lee, Dan Yoon, Byeong Soo Kim, Seong-Ho Kong, Chang Wook Jeong, Kyu Eun Lee, Minwoo Cho*, and Sungwan Kim*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2959-2971, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Extended State Observer Based Adaptive Backstepping Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding-mode Control for Robotic Manipulators with Uncertainties
Zhenghong Xu, Xiaohui Yang*, Siyi Zhou, Wenjie Zhang, Wei Zhang, Shuang Yang, and Peter Xiaoping Liu, vol.20, no.9, pp.2972-2982, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Improvement of Dynamic Window Approach Using Reinforcement Learning in Dynamic Environments
Jinseok Kim and Gi-Hun Yang*, vol.20, no.9, pp.2983-2992, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Finite-time Consensus of Networked Euler-Lagrange Systems via STA-based Output Feedback
Yanyan Fan, Zhenlin Jin*, Baosu Guo, Xiaoyuan Luo, and Xinping Guan, vol.20, no.9, pp.2993-3005, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Perpendicular Parking Path Generation and Optimal Path Tracking Algorithm for Auto-parking of Trailers
Heeseok Shin, Myeong-Jun Kim, Sunwoo Baek, Carl D. Crane, and Jungha Kim*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3006-3018, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Novel Integrated Spoon-chopsticks Mechanism for a Meal Assistant Robotic System
Rongwan Chen, Tae-Keun Kim, Jung-Hoon Hwang, and Seong Young Ko*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3019-3031, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Design and User Evaluation of Haptic Augmented Virtuality System for Immersive Virtual Training
Baekdong Cha, Yoosung Bae, Chang-Gyu Lee, Daehyeon Jeong, and Jeha Ryu*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3032-3044, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Continuous Finite-time Neural Network with Bias Noises for Convex Quadratic Bilevel Programming Problem
Peng Miao* and Fan Yang, vol.20, no.9, pp.3045-3052, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Learning-based Adaptive Optimal Impedance Control to Enhance Physical Human-robot Interaction Performance
Yida Guo, Yang Tian, and Haoping Wang*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3053-3062, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Robust Control for T-S Fuzzy Multi-particle Model of High-speed Train with Disturbances and Time-varying Delays
Rui Shi and Guangtian Shi*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3063-3074, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Neural Adaptive Fixed-time Consensus Tracking for Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems with Quantized Inputs
He Li, Cheng-Lin Liu*, and Yu-Ling Li, vol.20, no.9, pp.3075-3087, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Hierarchical Fuzzy Optimal Controller for Hamilton Energy of a Generalized Chaotic Lorenz System with Hidden Attractors
Gelareh Amirizadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi*, and Hamid Reza Kobravi, vol.20, no.9, pp.3088-3097, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Twin Deterministic Policy Gradient Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control of Affine Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems
Jiahui Xu, Jingcheng Wang*, Jun Rao, Yanjiu Zhong, and Shangwei Zhao, vol.20, no.9, pp.3098-3109, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Dynamic Model Identification for Adaptive Polishing System
Hao An, Sining Zhang, Chaoran Cui, Cheng Qian, and Weiyang Lin*, vol.20, no.9, pp.3110-3120, September 2022 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]

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