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Development of New Methods for Positon Estimation of Ynderground Acoustic Source Using a Passive SONAR System

Soon Suck Harng/Je Hyeong Lee/ Heung Gu Ahn
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 1, pp.69-75, 2001

Abstract : The aim of the work descrived in this paper is to develop a complex underground acoustic system which detects and localizes the origin of an underground gammering sound using an array of hydrophones located about 100m underground. Three different methods for the sound licalization will be presented, a time-delay method, a power-attenuation mehod and a hybrid method, Inthe time-delay method the cross correlation of the signasl received from the array of sensors is used to calculate the time delays between those signals. Inteh power-attenuation method, the powers of the received signals provide a measure coupled togerther to produce vetter performance of position estimation.A new acoustic imaging techniqu has been devleoped for improving the hybrid method. This new acoustic imaging method shows the multi-distribution of the normalized cost function, so as to indicate the trend of the minimizing direction toward the source location. For each method the sound localization of carried out in three dimensions underground. The distance between the true and estimated origins of the source is 28m for a search ares of radius 250m

Keyword : SONAR, sensor array, postion estimation, underfround, time delay, power attenuation, hybrid

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