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Distance Measurement Using a Single Camera with a Rotating Mirror

Hyongsuk Kim, Chun-Shin Lin, Jaehong Song, and Heesung Chae
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 3, no. 4, pp.542-551, 2005

Abstract : A new distance measurement method with the use of a single camera and a rotating mirror is presented. A camera in front of a rotating mirror acquires a sequence of reflected images, from which distance information is extracted. The distance measurement is based on the idea that the corresponding pixel of an object point at a longer distance moves at a higher speed in a sequence of images in this type of system setting. Distance measurement based on such pixel movement is investigated. Like many other image-based techniques, this presented technique requires matching corresponding points in two images. To alleviate such difficulty, two kinds of techniques of image tracking through the sequence of images and the utilization of multiple sets of image frames are described. Precision improvement is possible and is one attractive merit. The presented approach with a rotating mirror is especially suitable for such multiple measurements. The imprecision caused by the physical limit could be improved through making several measurements and taking an average. In this paper, mathematics necessary for implementing the technique is derived and presented. Also, the error sensitivities of related parameters are analyzed. Experimental results using the real camera-mirror setup are reported.

Keyword : Distance measurement, matching, monocular vision, precision improvement.

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