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Design and Simulation of Integral Twist Control for Helicopter Vibration Reduction

Sangjoon Shin, Carlos E. S. Cesnik, and Steven R. Hall
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 5, no. 1, pp.24-34, 2007

Abstract : Closed-loop active twist control of integral helicopter rotor blades is investigated in this paper for reducing hub vibration induced in forward flight. A four-bladed fully articulated integral twist-actuated rotor system has been designed and tested successfully in wind tunnel in open-loop actuation. The integral twist deformation of the blades is generated using active fiber composite actuators embedded in the composite blade construction. An analytical framework is developed to examine integrally twisted helicopter blades and their aeroelastic behavior during different flight conditions. This aeroelastic model stems from a three-dimensional electroelastic beam formulation with geometrical-exactness, and is coupled with finite-state dynamic inflow aerodynamics. A system identification methodology that assumes a linear periodic system is adopted to estimate the harmonic transfer function of the rotor system. A vibration minimizing controller is designed based on this result, which implements a classical disturbance rejection algorithm with some modifications. Using the established analytical framework, the closed-loop controller is numerically simulated and the hub vibratory load reduction capability is demonstrated.

Keyword : Closed-loop control design and simulation, helicopter vibration, integral twist-actuated rotor blade, linear time-periodic system.

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