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Design of Two-axis Force Sensor for Robot's Finger

Gob-soon Kim
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 3, no. 1, pp.66-70, 2001

Abstract : This paper describes the design of a two -axis force sensor for robot’s finger. It detects the x-direction force Fx and y-direction force Fy simultaneously. In order to safely grasp an unknown object using the robot’s fingers, they should detect the force of gripping direction and the force of gravity direction, and perform the force control using the forces detected. Therefore, the robot’s hand should be made by the robot’s finger with two -axis force sensor that can detect the x-direction force and y-direction force si-multaneously. Thus, in this paper, the two -axis force sensor for robot’s finger is designed using several parallel-plate beams . The equations to calculate the strain of the beams according to the force in order to design the sensing element of the force sensor are derived, and these equations are used to design the size of two -axis force sensor sensing element. The reliability of the derived equa-tions is verified by performing a finite element analysis of the sensing element. The strain obtained through this process is compared to that obtained through the theory analysis and a characteristic test of the fabricated sensor. It reveals that the rated strains calculated from the derived equations make a good agreement with the results from the Finite Element Method analysis and from the character-istic test.

Keyword : robot’s finger, two-axis force sensor, parallel plate beam, rated strain, interference error

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