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Recognition of Material Temperature Response Using Curve Fitting and Fuzzy Neural Network

Young-Jae Ryoo, Seong-Hwan Kim, Young-Hak Chang/Young-Cheol Lim/ Eui-Sun Kim/Jin-Kyu Park
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 3, no. 2, pp.133-139, 2001

Abstract : This paper describes a system that can be used to recognize an unknown material regardless of the change of ambient temperature using temperature response curve fitting and fuzzy neural network(FNN). There are some problems to realize the recognition system using temperature response. It requires too many memories to store the vast temperature response data and it has to be filtered to remove noise which occurs in experiment. And the temperature response is influenced by the change of ambient temperature. So, this paper proposes a practical method using curve fitting to remove above problems of memories and noise. And FNN is proposed to overcome the problem caused by the change of ambient temperature. Using the FNN which is learned by temperature responses on fixed ambient temperature and known thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of the material can be inferred on various ambient temperature. So the material can be recognized by the thermal conductivity.

Keyword : Keywords: material recognition, temperature response, curve fitting, fuzzy neural network

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