* Upcoming papers  
Upcoming papers
- It will be published in 2017.

An Improved H∞ Fuzzy Filter for Nonlinear Sampled-data Systems
Ho Jun Kim, Jin Bae Park , and Young Hoon Joo

Cartesian Space Consensus of Heterogeneous and Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks
Remberto Machuca, Carlos I. Aldana, Rodrigo Munguia and Emmanuel Nuno*

Fractional Sliding Mode Control of Underwater ROVs subject to Non-differentiable Disturbances
Aldo-Jonathan Munoz-Vazquez*, Heriberto Ramirez-Rodriguez, Vicente Parra-Vega, and Anand Sanchez-Orta

Generalized Hierarchical Block Circulant Structure of Multi-agent Systems
Muhammad Iqbal, John Leth, and Trung Dung Ngo*

A New Extended LMI-based Robust Gain Scheduled State Feedback H2 Controller Design
Yusuf Altun

Dynamic Output Feedback Robust MPC for LPV Systems Subject to Input Saturation and Bounded Disturbance
Xubin Ping*, Zhiwu Li, and Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari

A Novel Robust Adaptive Second-order Sliding Mode Tracking Control Technique for Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Matched and Unmatched Disturbances
Saleh Mobayen* and Fairouz Tchier

Stability and Asynchronous Stabilization for a Class of Discrete-time Switched Nonlinear Systems with Stable and Unstable Subsystems
Qunxian Zheng*, Hongbin Zhang, and Dianhao Zheng

Dynamic Analysis of a 5D Fractional-order Hyperchaotic System
Shan Wang and Ranchao Wu*

Quantized Control for Uncertain Singular Markovian Jump Linear Systems with General Incomplete Transition Rates
Jing Xie, Yong-Gui Kao*, Cai-Hong Zhang and Hamid Reza Karimi

Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Controller for Active Suppression Control of a Diaphragm-Type Pneumatic Vibration Isolator
Hung-Yi Chen and Jin-Wei Liang

Stability Analysis of a Family of Continuous State Feedback Synthesis: Theory and Experiments
Raul Santiesteban-Cos, Araceli Garate-Garcia*, and Oscar Montano-Godinez

Line Segment Selection Method for Fast Path Planning
Won-Young Shin*, Jong-Jin Shin, Byung-Ju Kim and Kwang-Rae Jeong

A New Quadrotor Manipulation System: Modeling and Point-to-point Task Space Control
Ahmed Khalifa* and Mohamed Fanni

Order Reduction of Plant and Controller in Closed Loop Identification based on Joint Input-Output Approach
Atsushi Fujimori* and Shinsuke Ohara

Pinning Control of Complex Network Synchronization: A Recurrent Neural Network Approach
Edgar N. Sanchez*, David I. Rodriguez-Castellanos, Guanrong Chen, and Riemann Ruiz-Cruz

Robust H∞ Filtering for Uncertain Discrete-time Descriptor Systems
Sahereh Beidaghi*, Ali Akbar Jalali, Ali Khaki Sedigh, Bijan Moaveni

State Feedback Design for Nonlinear Quadratic Systems with Randomly Occurring Actuator Saturation
Yujing Shi*, Yueru Li, Shanqiang Li and Hongyu Liu

Prescribed Performance Adaptive Neural Tracking Control for Strict-feedback Markovian Jump Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying Delay
Ru Chang, Yi-ming Fang*, Le Liu, and Ke-song Kang

Global Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Stochastic Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Output Gain
Wenting Zha, Junyong Zhai*, and Shumin Fei

Anticipated Trajectory based Proportional Navigation Guidance Scheme for Intercepting High Maneuvering Targets
Amit Kumar*, Aparajita Ojha, and Prabin Kumar Padhy

Bifurcation Control in a Delayed Two-neuron Fractional Network
Lingzhi Zhao, Jinde Cao , Chengdai Huang, Ahmed Alsaedi, Abdullah Al-Barakati and Habib M. Fardoun

Visual Servoing Using an Optimized Trajectory Planning Technique for a 4 DOFs Robotic Manipulator
Mohammad Keshmiri, Wen-Fang Xie*, and Ahmad Ghasemi

Positive Observer Design for Linear Impulsive Positive Systems with Interval Uncertainties and Time Delay
Meng-Jie Hu, Yan-WuWang, and Jiang-Wen Xiao*

A Formation and Traction Control Design for Multiple Mobile Robots
Hyun-Su Kim, Jong-Koo Park, Tae-Yong Kuc*, Nak Yong Ko, and Yong-Seon Moon

Servo System Design for Speed Control of AC Induction Motors Using Polynomial Differential Operator
Dae Hwan Kim, Trong Hai Nguyen, Pandu Sandi Pratama, Hak Kyeong Kim, Young Seok Jung, and Sang Bong Kim*

Equitranslational and Axially Rotational Microrobot using Electromagnetic Actuation System
Hyunchul Choi, Semi Jeong, Gwangjun Go, Cheong Lee, Jin Zhen, Seong Young Ko, Jong-Oh Park* and Sukho Park*

Stereo-Vision based Obstacle Avoidance by Finding Safe Region
Xiaojie Zhao, Gang Wang*, Maozhi Cai and Hongkun Zhou

Robust Fault Diagnosis Scheme in a Class of Nonlinear System Based on UIO and Fuzzy Residual
S. Hamideh Sedigh Ziyabari*, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli

Approximation-based Adaptive Tracking of Uncertain Input-Quantized Nonlinear Systems in the Presence of Unknown Quantization Parameters and Control Directions
Yun Ho Choi and Sung Jin Yoo*

Elongation Prediction of Steel-Strips in Annealing Furnace with Deep Learning via Improved Incremental Extreme Learning Machine
Chao Wang*, Jian-HuiWang, Shu-Sheng Gu, XiaoWang, and Yu-Xian Zhang

A Novel Geometric Invariant of a Pair of Conics and its Application to Eyeglasses-tracking Interface
Heon-Hui Kim and Kwang-Hyun Park*

TDOA/FDOA based Target Tracking with Imperfect Position and Velocity Data of Distributed Moving Sensors
Seul-Ki Han, Won-Sang Ra, and Jin Bae Park

Switching Predictive Control for Continuous-time Markovian Jump Delay Systems
Jiwei Wen* and Li Peng

Optimal Controls of Fractional Impulsive Partial Neutral Stochastic Integrodifferential Systems with Infinite Delay in Hilbert Spaces
Zuomao Yan* and Xiumei Jia

Quasi-min-max Output-feedback Model Predictive Control for LPV Systems with Input Saturation
Tae-Hyoung Kim* and Ho-Woon Lee

System Identification of an Airship using Trust Region Reflective Least Squares Algorithm
Mansoor Ahsan and Mohammad Ahmad Choudhry*

Almost Global Finite-time Stabilization of Spacecraft Formation Flying with Decentralized Collision Avoidance
Daero Lee* and George Vukovich

Containment Control for Directed Networks Multi-agent System with Nonlinear Dynamics and Communication Time-delays
Bo Li, Zeng-qiang Chen*, Chun-yan Zhang, Zhong-xin Liu, and Qing Zhang

Adaptive Neural Network Tracking of a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying Output Constraints
Seung Woo Lee, Hyoung Oh Kim, and Sung Jin Yoo*

Design of Super Twisting Algorithm for Chattering Suppression in Machine Tools
Chiew Tsung Heng*, Zamberi Jamaludin, Ahmad Yusairi Bani Hashim, Lokman Abdullah, and Nur Aidawaty Rafan

The LQR Baseline with Adaptive Augmentation Rejection of Unmatched Input Disturbance
Xin Wang, Xin Chen*, and Liyan Wen

Robust Output Tracking Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Using Extended State Observer
Yan Zhao, Jiang-Bo Yu*, and Jie Tian

A Simple Method to Design Robust Fractional-order Lead Compensator
Sharad P. Jadhav*, Rajan H. Chile, and Satish T. Hamde

Adaptive Feedback Linearization Control for Twin Rotor Multiple-input Multiple-output System
Nguyen Van Chi

Auxiliary Particle Bernoulli Filter for Target Tracking
Bo Li* and Jianli Zhao

Adjustable Parameter-based Multi-objective Fault Estimation Observer Design for Continuous-time/Discrete-time Dynamic Systems
Ke Zhang, Vincent Cocquempot, and Bin Jiang*

A Filtering based Multi-innovation Extended Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Multivariable Control Systems
Jian Pan, Xiao Jiang*, Xiangkui Wan,Wenfang Ding

Decentralized Model Reference Adaptive Control for Interconnected Time Delay Systems with Delay in State and Compensation of Long Delay in Input by Nested Prediction
Seyed Hamid Hashemipour, Nastaran Vasegh*, and Ali Khaki- Sedigh

Robust Model Predictive Control with Time-Varying Tubes
Pornchai Bumroongsri* and Soorathep Kheawhom

A Robust Controller for Trajectory Tracking of a DC Motor Pendulum System
Carlos Aguilar-Ibanez*, Julio Mendoza-Mendoza, Jorge Davila, Miguel S. Suarez-Castanon and Ruben Garrido M.

Kalman Filter-based Wind Speed Estimation for Wind Turbine Control
Dongran Song, Jian Yang, Mi Dong*, and Young Hoon Joo*

Similar Hand Gesture Recognition by Automatically Extracting Distinctive Features
Zeyu Ding, Yanmei Chen, Yen-Lun Chen*, and Xinyu Wu

B-plane Targeting Method for Orbit Maneuver Using Low Thrust
Dong-Hyun Cho, Donghun Lee*, Hyochoong Bang and Hae-Dong Kim

Adaptive Control of Multiple Mobile Manipulators Transporting a Rigid Object
Abdelkrim Brahmi*, Maarouf Saad, Guy Gauthier, Wen-Hong Zhu, and Jawhar Ghommam

Multiple-mode Adaptive State Estimator for Nonlinear Switched Systems
Junqi Yang*, Yantao Chen, and Lizhi Cui

Local Stability Analysis of T?S Fuzzy Systems Using Second-order Time Derivative of the Membership Functions
Donghwan Lee, Young Hoon Joo*, and Sung Kwan Kim

Leader-Follower Type Distance-based Formation Control of a Group of Autonomous Agents
Kwang-Kyo Oh* and Hyo-Sung Ahn

Control of Large Model Mismatch Systems using Multiple Models
Feng Gao*, Dongfang Dang, Shengbo Eben Li, and MengChu Zhou

Model Reference Robust Adaptive H∞ Controller Design
Qiang Zhang, De-Zhi Xu*, and Kang-Kang Zhang

Consensus Problems for Discrete-time Agents with Communication Delay
Zhenhua Wang*, Huanshui Zhang, Xinmin Song, and Huaxiang Zhang

Deep Auto-encoder Observer Multiple-Model Fast Aircraft Actuator Fault Diagnosis Algorithm
Jun Ma, Shihong Ni, Wujie Xie, and Wenhan Dong*

Cyclic Error Correction based Q-learning for Mobile Robots Navigation
Rongkuan Tang, Hongliang Yuan*

Adaptive Synchronization between Two Non-identical BAM Neural Networks with Unknown Parameters and Time-varying Delays
M. Zarefard, and S. Effati*

An Uncertainty-based Approach to Discrete-time Fault Estimation Observer design for nonuniformly sampled systems
Aibing Qiu*, Jing Zhang, and Juping Gu

MPC-based Approach to Optimized Steering for Minimum Turning Radius and Efficient Steering of Multi-Axle Crane
Kwangseok Oh, Jaho Seo*, Jin-Gyun Kim, and Kyongsu Yi

Visual Servoing Based on Efficient Histogram Information
Hajer Abidi*, Mohamed Chtourou, Khaled Kaaniche, and Hassen Mekki

The Dynamic Compliance and Its Compensation Control Research of the Highly Integrated Valve-controlled Cylinder Position Control System
Kai-xian Ba, Xiang-dong Kong, Bin Yu*, Hua-long Zhao, Jin-song Zhao, Qi-xin Zhu, and Chun-he Li

Greenhouse Climate Fuzzy Adaptive Control Considering Energy Saving
Yuanping Su, Lihong Xu *, and Erik D. Goodman

Inverse Reinforcement Learning Control for Trajectory Tracking of a Multirotor UAV
Seungwon Choi, Suseong Kim, and H. Jin Kim*

Multi-switching adaptive synchronization of two fractional-order chaotic systems with different structure and different order
Shuai Song, Xiao-Na Song*, Nimisha Pathak, Ines Tejado Balsera

Finite-Time Circle Surrounding Control for Multi-Agent Systems
Dan Ma* and Yingchun Sun

Robustness design of a dynamic output-feedback decentralized controller using H∞ synthesis and LMI paradigm
Ali Sghaier Tlili

Nonlinear Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Design for Miniature Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Vehicle
Shafiqul Islam*, Peter X. Liu, and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

Novel results on stability analysis of neutral-type neural networks with additive time-varying delay components and leakage delay
R. Samidurai, S. Rajavel, R. Sriraman, Jinde Cao*, Ahmed Alsaedi and Fuad E. Alsaadi

Explicit Solution and Stability of Linear Time-Varying Differential State Space Systems
Jing-Min Wang

Sliding Mode Control for Continuous Casting Mold Oscillatory System Driven by Servo Motor
Sheng-Li Shi, Ke-Song Kang, Jian-Xiong Li, Yi-Ming Fang*

Complex Performance Control Using Sliding Mode Fuzzy Approach for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems via T-S Fuzzy Model with Bilinear Consequent Part
Wen-Jer Chang*, Feng-Ling Hsu and Cheung-Chieh Ku

Exponential stability of a class of impulsive stochastic delay partial differential equations driven by a fractional Brownian motion
Dingshi Li and Guiling Chen*

Optimal Vibration Control for Nonlinear Systems of Tracked Vehicle Half-Car Suspensions
Yan-Jun Liang*, Na Li, De-Xin Gao, and Zhong-Sheng Wang

Adaptive Control of Bilateral Teleoperation System with Compensatory Neural-Fuzzy Controllers
Rabah Mellah*, Said Guermah and Redouane Toumi

Global Adaptive Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators Using Neural Networks with Finite-time Learning Convergence
Chenguang Yang*, Tao Teng, Bin Xu, Zhijun Li, Jing Na and Chun-Yi Su

Pol-E: Large-obstacle overcoming based on energy conversion method using an elastic link
JaeNeung Choi, Kyungmin Jeong, and TaeWon Seo*

Multi-agent Formation Control in Switching Networks using Backstepping Design
Qin Wang*, Qingguang Hua, Yang Yi, and Tianping Zhang

Optimal type II fuzzy neural network controller for Eight-Rotor MAV
Xiang-jian CHEN*, Di LI, Xi-Bei YANG , and Yuecheng YU

A Novel Interpretation of the Invariance Condition of Mismatched Uncertain Large-Scale Systems
Viet Anh Duong and Yao-Wen Tsai*

Improved Positioning Method for Magnetic Encoder Type AGV using Extended Kalman Filter and Encoder Compensation Method
Hyunhak Cho, Eun Kyeong Kim, Eunseok Jang, and Sungshin Kim*

Exponential H∞ Control for Singular Systems with Time-varying Delay
Jiemei Zhao* and Zhonghui Hu

Speed tracking and nonlinear disturbance rejection of PM synchronous motor by internal model design
Zhaowu Ping*, Qingchuan Ma, Hao Tang, Qi Tan, and Jun-Guo Lu

New stability analysis for generalized neural networks with interval time-varying delays
Yanmin Liu, Junkang Tian*, Zerong Ren

Relative Diagnosability of Discrete-Event Systems and Its Opacity-Based Test Algorithm
Rui Zhao, Fuchun Liu*, and Zhusong Liu

Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Delay-Range-Dependent Stochastic Systems Using Output PDFs
Liping Yin*, Pengwei Zhu, and Tao Li

Disturbance Attenuation in Linear Systems Revisited
Jiqiang Wang*, Hong Yue, and Georgi Dimirovski

Iterative Learning Control for Two-Dimensional Linear Discrete Systems with Fornasini-Marchesini Model
Kai Wan and Xiao-Dong Li*

Neural-Network-Based integral sliding-mode tracking control of secondorder multi-agent systems with unmatched disturbances and completely unknown dynamics
Xi Ma*, Fuchun Sun, HongBo Li, and Bing He

Coupled stochastic gradient identification algorithms for multivariate output-error systems using the auxiliary model
Wu Huang, v*, Tasawar Hayat, and Ahmed Alsaedi

A Quadratic-Cost Dual Control-Based Approach for Optimal Trajectory Planning under Uncertainty
Jinwhan Kim, Jung-Su Ha, and Han-Lim Choi*

Global finite-time stabilization for a class of switched nonlinear systems via output feedback
Junyong Zhai* and Zhibao Song

A PageRank Based Coalitional Control Scheme
v* and Hideaki Ishii

Analysis on Robust Passivity of Uncertain Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays via Free-Matrix-Based Integral Inequality
Shen-Ping Xiao*, Hong-Hai Lian, Hong-Bing Zeng, Gang Chen, and Wei-Hua Zheng

Decentralized Iterative Learning Control for Large-Scale Interconnected Linear Systems with Fixed Initial Shifts
Qin Fu*, Pan-Pan Gu, and Jian-RongWu

Control of Twisting Manipulation Using a Multi-Fingered Robotic Hand with a Common Rotational Axis
Hieyong Jeong* and Yuko Ohno

Intelligent Robotic Gripper with Adaptive Grasping Force
Shiuh-Jer Huang*, Wei-Han Chang, and Jui-Yiao Su

Positioning Control of an Underwater Robot with Tilting Thrusters via Decomposition of Thrust Vector
Jeongae Bak, Hai-Nyuyen Nyuyen, Sangyul Park, Dongjun Lee, TaeWon Seo, Sangrok Jin*, and Jongwon Kim*

Coupled disturbance reconstruction by sliding mode observer approach for nonlinear system
Yiyong Sun, Jinyong Yu*, Zhan Li and Yu Liu

Interacting Multiple Model Estimation-based Adaptive Robust Unscented Kalman Filter
Bingbing Gao*, Shesheng Gao, Yongmin Zhong, Gaoge Hu, and Chengfan Gu

Operator-based robust nonlinear optimal vibration control for an Lshaped arm driven by linear pulse motor
YanfengWu and Mingcong Deng*

Study on the Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Predictive Control Based on Multi Agent Particle Swarm Optimization
Pu Yang*, Ruicheng Guo, Xu Pan, and Tao Li

Nonlinear Adaptive Controller Applied to an Antilock Braking System with Parameters Variations
Cuauhtemoc Acosta Lua*, Stefano Di Gennaro, and Maria Eugenia Sanchez Morales

Inertial motion tracking using sensor saturation compensation with l1 norm regularization
Young Soo Suh

Super Twisting Observer based Repetitive Control for Aperiodic Disturbance Rejection in a Brushless DC Servo Motor
Raymond Chuei*, Zhenwei Cao, and Zhihong Man

Enhanced Transparency Dual-user Shared Control Teleoperation Architecture with Multiple Adaptive Dominance Factors
Zhenyu Lu, Panfeng Huang*, Pei Dai, Zhengxiong Liu and Zhongjie Meng

State augmented feedback controller design approach for T-S fuzzy system with complex actuator saturations
Jian Zhang, Wen-Bo Xie*, Mou-Quan Shen, and Ling Huang

Stability of nonlinear systems with variable-time impulses: B-equivalence method
Chuandong Li?, Yinghua Zhou, Hui Wang, and ingwen Huang

On the Asymptotic Accuracy of Reduced?Order Models
Daniele Casagrande*, Wiesław Krajewski, and Umberto Viaro

Lyapunov-based Model Predictive Control for Tracking of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots under Input Constraints
Changxin Liu, Jian Gao*, and Demin Xu

Global Dissipativity Analysis for Memristor-Based Uncertain Neural Networks with Time Delay in the Leakage Term
Jian Liu and Rui Xu*

Direct Power Control of Grid Connected Voltage Source Inverters Using Port-Controlled Hamiltonian System
Yonghao Gui, Gil Ha Lee, Chunghun Kim, and Chung Choo Chung*

H∞ Suboptimal Tracking Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
Yazdan Batmani

Robust Unscented Kalman Filter for Nanosat Attitude Estimation
Daero Lee* and George Vukovich and Regina Lee

Minimum-Energy Cornering Trajectory Planning with Self-Rotation for Three-Wheeled Omni-Directional Mobile Robots
Hongjun Kim* and Byung Kook Kim