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A Multi-objective Fuzzy Adaptive PSO Algorithm for Location of Automatic Voltage Regulators in Radial Distribution Networks

Taher Niknam, Mohammad Rasoul Narimani, and Rasoul Azizipanah-Abarghooee
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 10, no. 4, pp.772-777, 2012

Abstract : This paper proposes a multi-objective optimal location of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) in distribution systems at the presence of Distributed Generators (DGs) by a Fuzzy Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization (FAPSO) algorithm. The proposed algorithm utilizes an external repository to save founded Pareto optimal solutions during the search process. The proposed technique allows the decision maker to select one of the Pareto optimal solutions (by trade-off) for different applications. The performance of the suggested algorithm on a 70-bus distribution network in comparison with other evolutionary methods such as Genetic algorithm and PSO is extraordinary.

Keyword : Automatic voltage regulator, fuzzy adaptive particle swarm optimization, multi-objective, Pareto method.

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