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Controller Design for Consensus of Non-uniform Rank Systems with Switching Topology and Relative Output Measurements

Hongkeun Kim, Ji-Wook Kwon, and Bong Seok Park*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 4, pp.777-785, 2014

Abstract : This paper studies the design problem of a controller to achieve an asymptotic consensus for a class of non-uniform rank linear systems. The interconnection topology for the N non-uniform rank systems is assumed to be modeled by a time-varying graph that switches in a finite set of connected and undirected graphs and has a non-vanishing dwell time. Under these conditions, we propose a controller for the asymptotic consensus of the N systems and provide a closed formula for an agreed trajectory that in fact indicates the attainment of average consensus. The controller is implemented through the backstepping and high-gain observer techniques, and uses only relative output measurements from the neighboring systems for the purpose of feedback. The idea behind this implementation is that the output feedback controller implemented in this way can make the norm of the state of the closed-loop system arbitrary small within any given dwell time, even for non-uniform rank systems.

Keyword : Consensus, multi-agent systems, non-uniform rank, non-vanishing dwell time, relative output measurements.

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