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Thermal Management in Laminated Die System

Jaho Seo*, Amir Khajepour, and Jan P. Huissoon
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 4, pp.794-804, 2014

Abstract : The thermal control of a die is crucial for the development of high efficiency injection moulds. For an effective thermal management, this research provides a strategy to identify a thermal dynamic model and to design a controller. The neural network techniques and finite element analysis enable modeling to deal with various cycle-times for moulding process and uncertain dynamics of a die. Based on the system identification which is experimentally validated using a real system, controllers are designed using fuzzy-logic and self-tuning PID methods with backpropagation and radial basis function neural networks to tune control parameters. Through a comparative study, each controller’s performance is verified in terms of response time and tracking accuracy under different moulding processes with mul-tiple cycle-times.

Keyword : Fuzzy logic, laminated die, plastic injection moulding, self-tuning PID control, system identification, various cycle-times.

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