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General Fight Rule-based Trajectory Planning for Pairwise Collision Avoidance in a Known Environment

Gang Wang* and Shuzhi Sam Ge
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 4, pp.813-822, 2014

Abstract : This paper presents a general flight rule-based autonomous trajectory planning scheme for two aerial vehicles to avoid obstacles and collisions in known environments in low-altitude airspace for general aviation. Flight rules in low-altitude airspace are first introduced based on the general flight rules in US, UK and China, and then the suitable flight rules are embedded into the trajectory planning algorithm. It is supposed that the flight parameters, such as positions and velocities, are all available to the aerial vehicles involved in the possible conflict. Then the trajectory of each aerial vehicle is calculated by optimizing an objective function, such as distance and fuel consumption, with the constraints corresponding to the airspace traffic rules. The optimization problem is solved by receding horizon control (RHC) based mixed integer linear programming (MILP). Compared with other collision avoid-ance algorithms, the proposed algorithm can be adapted to plan the autonomous trajectory to avoid pairwise collision and obstacles as proposed general flight rules. Simulations show the feasibility of the proposed scheme.

Keyword : General aviation (GA), general flight rule (GFR), mixed integer linear programming (MILP), receding horizon control (RHC), trajectory planning (TP).

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