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Realization of a Hydraulic Actuated Biped Robot Walking

Haiyan Wang, Yibin Li*, and Longxiao Ning
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 4, pp.843-851, 2014

Abstract : This paper introduced a new walking pattern generation method for biped robots without active roll joint at the ankle and described a simple walking pattern generation method for the robot without using ZMP (Zero Moment Point) information directly. Firstly, the paper introduced a hydraulic actuated biped robot with eight degrees of freedom, which had payload capacity. Secondly, the paper provided a dynamic balance control method in the lateral plane. Not as the inverted pendulum model, this control method was also available for biped robot without active roll joint at the ankle. Thirdly, in order to decrease the vibration, the paper tried to keep the robot walking with an approximate constant speed in the frontal direction. Finally, weight loading experiments in the MD.DAMS simulation environment and physical prototype empty load experiments were used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed walking pattern methods.

Keyword : ADAMS simulation, dynamic walk, hydraulic actuated biped robot, walking pattern generation.

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