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Humanoid Robot Arm Performance Optimization using Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

Zulkifli Mohamed*, Mitsuki Kitani, Shin-ichiro Kaneko, and Genci Capi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 4, pp.870-877, 2014

Abstract : As humanoid robots are expected to operate in human environments they are expected to perform a wide range of tasks. Therefore, the robot arm motion must be generated based on the specific task. In this paper we propose an optimal arm motion generation satisfying multiple criteria. In our method, we evolved neural controllers that generate the humanoid robot arm motion satisfying three different criteria; minimum time, minimum distance and minimum acceleration. The robot hand is required to move from the initial to the final goal position. In order to compare the performance, single objective GA is also considered as an optimization tool. Selected neural controllers from the Pareto solution are implemented and their performance is evaluated. Experimental investigation shows that the evolved neural controllers performed well in the real hardware of the mobile humanoid robot platform.

Keyword : Genetic algorithm, mobile humanoid robot, multi-objective evolutionary algorithm, robot arm motion generation.

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