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Output Feedback Semi-Global Stavilization for Input-Affine Nonlinear Systems

Hyungbo Shim/Jin Heon Seo
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.104-109, 2000

Abstract : In this paper, them output feedback stabilizing problem is solved using any given state feedback control law.Compared to the linear systems for which any combination of a state feedback control law and a state observer solves them problem, the output feedback stavilixong problem is not so staightforward for nonlinear systems.We briefly expain the intrinsic obstuction for this problem contollrt id explicitly givan and the stability is analyxed. Our result only assumes the asymptotic stavilixability and the completely uniform observability of them plant. Therefore, the result can be regarded as an extension of the separation priciple for linear systems in some aspect.

Keyword : semi-global stavilization, output feedback, nonlinear systems

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