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A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Speed Control of a DC Series Motor Using an Adptive Evolutionary Computation

Gi Hyun Hwang/Hyun Hoon Hwang/Dong Wan Kim/ Hune Ho Park
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 1, pp.13-18, 2000

Abstract : In this paper, and an Adaptive Evolutionary Computation(AEC) is proposed. AEC uses a genetic algorithm(GA) and evolution strategy(ES) in an adapive manner in order to take merits of two different evolutionary computations: global search capability of GA and local search capability ES. In the reproduction procedure, proportions of the population by GA and ES are adaptibely modulated according to the fitness. AEC is used to design the membership functions and the scaling factors of fuzzy logic controller (FLC) To evaluate the performances of the proposed FLC, we make an experiment on FLC for the speed control of an actual DC series motor system with nonlinear charscterisitcs. Experimental results show the proposed controller has better performance than that of PD controller.

Keyword : adaptive evlutionaty computation, fuzzy logic controller, DC series motor

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