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Drive of Induction Motors Using a Pseudo-On-Line Fuzzy-PID Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm

Taechon Ahn/Yangwon Kwon/Haksoo Kang
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.85-91, 2000

Abstract : This paper proposes a novel method with pseudo-on-line scheme using the optimized look-up table based on the genetic algorithm which does not use the gradient and finds the global optimum of an un-constraint optimization problem. The technique is a pseudo-on-line method that optimally estimates the parameters of fuzzy PID(FPID) controller for systems with non-linearity, using the genetic algorithm. The proposed controller(GFPID) with the auto-tuning function is applied to the on-line and real-time control of speed at 3-phase induction motor, and its computer simulation is carried out. Simulation results show that the proposed method is more excellent than conventional FPID and PID controllers.

Keyword : induction motor, FPID, genetic algorithm, pseudo-on-line, GFPID

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