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Measurement Technique for Sea Height of Burst Using Image Recognition

Ju Ho Choi/Sung Soo Hong/Kyu Chang Kang/Joon Lyou
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 1, pp.76-83, 2000

Abstract : A measurement technique of a sea height of burst is introduced for a proximate test using the image recognition of video cameras. In the burst of fuse on the ocean, the burst center of fuse, the sea surface level and the height of calibration poles are measeured by the process of image obtained from cameras. Finally, the height of burst of fuse can be computed by Hough transform algorithm. The error compensation algorithms are proposed to eliminate the errors casused by camera level and environmental parameters. As a result of experiment, it has been proved that the proposed measurement system shows the recognition of the center point of the burst image with±0.5m error.

Keyword : sea height of burst image recognition

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