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Robust Pole Assignment in a Specified Disk

Van Giap Nguyen/Tan Tien Nguyen/Gun You Lee/Sang Bong Kim
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.116-120, 2000

Abstract : This paper presents a method to assign robustly the closed loop system's poles in a specified disk by a state feedback for a linear time invariant system with structured or unstructured uncertainties. The proposed robust design procedure includes two steps. Firstly, the perturbed closed loop matrix is rearranged such that it is a function of the nominal closed loop matrix . Hence, we can control the positions of the perturbed closed loop poles by choosing appropriately. Secondly, the feedback control law F that assigns the closed loop poles of the perturbed system in a specified disk is determined from the equation .=A+BF. A procedure for finding F is proposed based on partitioning every matrix of the equation .=A+BF in the horizontal direction.

Keyword : robust pole assignment, structured and unstructured perturbations, decomposition

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