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Line Segment Selection Method for Fast Path Planning

Won-Young Shin*, Jong-Jin Shin, Byung-Ju Kim and Kwang-Rae Jeong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 3, pp.1322-1331, 2017

Abstract : "Path planning is required for a vehicle with the mission which includes the avoidance of certain areas. There are various kinds of algorithms for path planning. Typical algorithms are Voronoi diagram, visibility graph, potential field and trajectory optimization. These algorithms often need post-processing technique to satisfy the vehicles’ constraints such as turning angle and minimum moving distance. The proposed method does not need post-processing steps and always provides the fast and stable solution. It also gives a unique solution, while rapidly exploring random tree algorithms do not guarantee same solution. We use the local search and the global search at the same time in order to get a more appropriate path. We validate the proposed method by simulations and the results show that the method is fast and effective for path planning."

Keyword : Avoidance area, global search, fast path planning, line segment selection.

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