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Application of the Fuzzy Logic for the Development of Automnomous Robot with Obstacles Deviation

"Lucas Alves Dias*, Roger William de Oliveira Silva*, Paulo César da Silva Emanuel*, André Ferrus Filho, and Rodrigo Teixeira Bento"
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.823-833, 2018

Abstract : "This paper proposed to elaborate a navigation system for an autonomous mobile robot, able to deviate from obstacles, from the study and application of Fuzzy Logic. With the algorithm in operation, it was verified that the Fuzzy logic offers a smoother transition in the movements. In order to validate the efficiency of the navigation system created, simulations were performed with the robot according to the rules inserted in the Fuzzy controller, where the input values of the sensors and the output values in the PWM of the board were analyzed. The results obtained were consistent with the responses given by the simulation in MatLab, following the same trend of behavior. With the realization of this project, it was concluded that the Fuzzy methodology presents a solution to the problems of navigation in real environments, allowing to implement a controller for an autonomous robot that can deflect obstacles avoiding their collision. One of the problems encountered is the angle of actuation of the ultrasonic sensors. This type of sensor works with an angle of actuation of 15◦, which leaves the robot with a low vision area in the use of three sensors. As a result, there may be no reading on objects entering zones without detection, leading to a collision with these obstacles. The responses were satisfactory, following the same trend behavior of the simulations of the Fuzzy controller."

Keyword : Artificial Intelligence, autonomous navigation, fuzzy Logic, mobile robot.

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