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Wind-gust Compensation Algorithm based on High-gain Residual Observer to Control a Quadrotor Aircraft: Real-time Verification Task at Fixed Point

Abraham Efraim Rodríguez-Mata*, Ivan González-Hernández, Gabriel Jesus Rangel Peraza, Sergio Salazar, and Rogelio Lozano Leal
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.856-866, 2018

Abstract : "Wind is considered a strong disturbance for quadrotor aircrafts (UAV) when an outdoor task at a fixed point is carried out. The effect of wind produces a distortion on the attitude of the vehicle which is reflected on undesired longitudinal movements. This paper addresses a real-time implementation and design of a robust embedded control-observer based on a type high-gain observer algorithm for on-line estimation and compensation of external disturbances produced by wind gusts on an autonomous quadrotor aircraft. A real-time experimental implementation of embedded Residual High Gain algorithm control is proposed in order to eliminate the effects of real perturbations in the hover position of the UAV. A Lyapunov function was used to practical stability analysis the system. Also numerical simulations were carried out to estimate wind behavior by the use of Drydel mathematical wind model. The main contribution of this work is the implementation of a Residual High Gain Observer in an outdoor real-time experiment in presence of real wind gusts perturbations. The proposed embedded algorithm control improves the stabilization of an UAV in the presence of real wind gusts with average of 8 m/s. The proposed algorithm improved the UAV behavior as shown by the GPS position experimental results, decreasing the wind effect on the translational movement of the aircraft."

Keyword : "Embedded control system, high gain observer algorithm, quadrotor aircraft, robust attitude control, wind gust rejection."

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