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Enhanced Robust Motion Tracking Control for 6 Degree-of-freedom Industrial Assembly Robot with Disturbance Adaption

Li Pan, Tao Gao, Fang Xu, and Libin Zhang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.921-928, 2018

Abstract : "Industrial assembly robots are designed to enable accurate and repeatable tracking of the positions and orientations of the robot’s end-effector and are hence often required to perform complex tasks within uncertain environments. Therefore, trajectory tracking control is vital to the wide range of applications of industrial robotic systems. This paper presents an enhanced robust motion tracking controller with disturbance adaption for trajectory tracking control of industrial assembly robot. The dynamics of the industrial assembly robotic system is formulated in the working space of the end-effector and the tracking control problem is then formulated. The enhanced robust motion tracking control is synthesized by using disturbance adaption and modified iterative control terms, which is a refined version of conventional robust adaptive control with only disturbance rejection. The capability and effectiveness of the enhanced robust motion tracking control have been evaluated based on an industrial robotic platform. The comparative results clearly show that the proposed control can be used to better minimize the trajectory tracking errors in finite time as compared with conventional proportional derivative control."

Keyword : "Comparative results, disturbance adaption, industrial assembly robot, iterative control, trajectory tracking control."

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