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Guaranteed-performance Consensualization for High-order Multi-agent Systems with Intermittent Communications

Le Wang, Qing Chen, Jianxiang Xi*, and Guangbin Liu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 5, pp.1084-1095, 2019

Abstract : "The current paper studies the guaranteed-performance consensualization for general high-order multiagent systems with intermittent communications. Firstly, a new consensus protocol is constructed by using only intermittent local information, and the corresponding performance function is given to guarantee the consensus regulation performance among neighboring agents. Then, linear matrix inequality conditions for guaranteed-performance consensus and consensualization are respectively provided and a guaranteed-performance cost of multi-agent systems is determined meanwhile. Furthermore, the whole motion mode of the multi-agent system can be described by deriving a precise expression of the consensus function. If the nominal converge rate is larger than a positive threshold, then multi-agent systems can achieve guaranteed-performance consensus by determining the gain matrix when intermittent communications are involved, and the performance function is less than the guaranteed-performance cost. Finally, a simulation example is shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed theorems."

Keyword : "Guaranteed-performance consensualization, guaranteed-performance cost, intermittent communication, multi-agent system."

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