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Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Teleoperation System with Uncertain Kinematics and Dynamics

Liang Yang*, Yong Chen, Zhi Liu , Kairui Chen, and Zixuan Zhang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 5, pp.1158-1166, 2019

Abstract : "In this paper, we address the problem of adaptive tracking control for a teleoperation system with uncertainties in both kinematics and dynamics. Its solution is difficult to establish as the real control torque will be wrapped in the coupling of kinematic and dynamic uncertainties. To overcome this difficulty, we developed an adaptive control approach with the aid of fuzzy logic systems designed to approximate uncertain dynamics so that the real control can be separated from the coupling uncertainties. With our scheme, the boundedness of all the closed-loop signals is ensured, and at the same time the tracking errors go to a residual around zero as time tends to infinity. The effectiveness of the obtained results will be illustrated through experimental tests"

Keyword : Adaptive control, fuzzy logic systems, teleoperation, uncertain kinematics and dynamics

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