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Distributed Model Predictive Control of Iron Precipitation Process by Goethite Based on Dual Iterative Method

Ning Chen, Jiayang Dai*, Xiaojun Zhou, Qingqing Yang, and Weihua Gui
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 5, pp.1233-1245, 2019

Abstract : "Iron precipitation is a key process in zinc hydrometallurgy. The process consists of a series of continuous reactors arranged in descending order, overflowing zinc leach solution from one reactor to the next. In this paper, according to the law of mass conservation and the reaction kinetics, a continuously stirred tank reactor model of a single reactor is first established. Then, a distributed model of cascade reactors is built with coupled control based on the single reactor model, considering the unreacted oxygen in leaching solution. Secondly, four reactors in the iron precipitation process are considered as four subsystems, the optimization control problem of the process is solved by a distributed model predictive control strategy. Moreover, the control information feedback between successive subsystems is used to solve the optimization problem of each subsystem, because of the existing control coupling in their optimization objective function of pre and post subsystems. Next, considering the intractability of the optimization problem for subsystems with various constraints, a distributed dual iterative algorithm is proposed to simplify the calculation. With the consideration of its cascade structure and control couplings, the proposed algorithm iteratively solves the primal problem and the dual problem of each subsystem. The application case shows that distributed model predictive control based on dual iteration algorithm can handle coupled control effectively and reduce the oxygen consumption."

Keyword : Control coupling, distributed model predictive control, dual iterative method, iron precipitation process.

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