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Three-dimensional Adaptive Sliding Mode Guidance Law for Missile with Autopilot Lag and Actuator Fault

Guiying Li, Zhigang Yu*, and Zhongxian Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 6, pp.1369-1377, 2019

Abstract : This paper investigates guidance scheme for missile with actuator failure and dynamics of autopilot. Firstly, considering first-order dynamics of autopilot, the guidance model with actuator failure is established. Secondly, an adaptive sliding mode fault-tolerant guidance law is designed on the basis of passive fault-tolerant technique and a novel nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode (NFTSM) manifold. Then, the adaptive algorithm with the feature of low-pass filter is proposed to ensure that adaptive parameters are bounded when the sliding mode is non-ideal. Finally, Lyapunov stability theory is adopted to prove that the states of closed-loop system are practical finite-time stability. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed guidance strategy under the certain actuator failure.

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