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Sliding Mode Control for We-energy Based on Markovian Jumping Systems

Jingwei Hu, Qiuye Sun*, Yan Zhao, and Jie Hu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 7, pp.1793-1802, 2019

Abstract : "Sliding mode control (SMC) is a promising robust control approach for the abrupt variations in complex system. Energy internet (EI), as a dynamic nonlinear strong coupling system, has different operating states under different operating conditions (system connection, load levels and faults, etc.). We-Energy (WE), as a basic energy unit in EI, is proposed for describing the essential characteristics and operating state of EI. According the operating states of EI, four operating modes of WE presented in this paper can be randomly converted, which correspond the stochastic markov process. Then, based on the coupling characteristics of EI, a set of state equations is established to embody the markovian jumping system (MJS) of WE. Moreover, sliding surface and contorl scheme for WE based on MJS is designed. Finally, a numerical simulation is shown to illustrate the proposed method."

Keyword : Energy internet, Markovian jumping systems, operating modes, sliding mode control, We-energy.

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