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Robust Output Feedback Consensus of High-order Multi-agent Systems with Nonlinear Uncertainties

Yao Yu, Na Li, Liang Sun, Jian Liu, and Changyin Sun*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 2, pp.282-292, 2020

Abstract : In this paper, the output feedback consensus problem of high-order multi-agent systems with nonlinear uncertainties is researched by the robust control method. By the dimensional extension of the observation matrix, the consensus control problem is transformed into a stability problem. Then the robust controller is designed by combining the nominal controller and the robust compensator. The nominal controller can obtain desired nominal performance based on the output informations. The robust compensator, which relys on robust signal compensation technology, is order to suppress the nonlinear uncertainties. According to the proposed method, output consensus error can be guaranteed as small as desired. Finally, simulation results are given to illustrate the effectiveness of this control method.

Keyword : High-order multi-agent systems, nonlinear uncertainties, output feedback consensus, robust controller.

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