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Dynamic Event-triggered Control for Heterogeneous Leader-following Consensus of Multi-agent Systems Based on Input-to-state Stability

Xiaoyu Li, Dazhong Ma*, Xuguang Hu, and Qiuye Sun
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 2, pp.293-302, 2020

Abstract : By utilizing dynamic event-triggered control strategy, this paper deals with consensus problem of a class of heterogeneous leader-following multi-agent systems(MASs) consisting of a high-dimensional leader system but low-dimensional following systems. A kind of observer-based consensus controllers is put forward with a dynamic event-triggered function consisting of the measurement error and a threshold based on the neighbors’ discrete states to reduce unnecessary utilization of limited communication and computation resources. Meanwhile, a dynamic variable is used to generate the event-triggered law using Input-to-State Stability(ISS) criteria. Based on this criteria, the proposed control strategy ensures stability of MASs, which fully reflects of the relationship between the external control inputs of the following systems and the internal states of the leader system and fully considered the influence of disturbances or noises on the MASs. Furthermore, the Zeno behavior for triggering time sequence is excluded. At last, a numerical simulation is provided to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the theoretical results.

Keyword : Dynamic event-triggered control, heterogeneous leader-following consensus, input-to-state stability(ISS), reduced-order observer.

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