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Evaluation and Redesign of the Inverted Decoupler: Open and Closed-loop Approaches

Anna Paula V. de A. Aguiar, George Acioli Júnior*, and Péricles R. Barros
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 6, pp.1435-1444, 2020

Abstract : The inverted decoupler is usually designed from estimated process models. These models are usually of reduced order, so that effective decoupling is not always achieved. The redesign of decouplers is a subject that received little attention in literature. In this paper, the methodology for decoupler evaluation and redesign in openloop is reviewed. In addition, a new closed-loop evaluation and redesign methodology is presented. This is the main contribution of this paper. The initial decoupler is evaluated by applying a relay-based excitation signal to the decoupled process. If necessary, the decoupler is redesigned to obtain an effective decoupling at some frequencies of interest. Simulation results is used to illustrate the methodology.

Keyword : Decoupling control, inverted decoupler, PID control, process control, relay experiment.

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