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Design of a Novel Boomerang Trajectory for Sliding Mode Controller

Kamalesh MS*, Senthilnathan Nattuthurai, and Bharatiraja Chokkalingam
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 11, pp.2917-2928, 2020

Abstract : Sliding Mode Controllers (SMC) is widely known for its robustness and controllability for a non-linear system during transient conditions. The main advantage of SMC is that of sliding a control variable along the trajectory and converges to zero or nearest to zero and make the system to attain a stable condition. Various methodologies and approaches like discontinuous controllers, second-order sliding modes, twisting algorithms, etc. are available for the SMC implementation. However, every algorithm is facing the problem of convergence and error tracking in a finite amount of time. The primary purpose of this paper is to formulate and design an SMC with a new trajectory which overcomes the drawback of the existing methodologies. This paper proposes a novel boomerang trajectory, which omits the reaching phase and follows a semi-elliptical and semi-circular path for a quick convergence. SMC with boomerang trajectory is analyzed for its stability at transient conditions, and the results show significant improvement in terms of convergence time when compared to the existing trajectories and also it is asymptotically stable. The entire system is simulated in Matlab / Simulink and the same prototypical setup has been designed, and implemented for evaluation purpose using dSPACE-MicroLabBox-ACE-DS1202 platform.

Keyword : Boomerang trajectory non-linear system, sliding mode control, trajectory control, twisting algorithm.

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