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Fault-tolerant Control for Linear System Under Sensor Saturation Constraint

Jun-Wei Zhu, Qiao-Qian Zhou, Jian-Ming Xu*, and Jian-Wei Dong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.20-28, 2021

Abstract : An observer-based fault-tolerant control method is proposed for a linear system with sensor saturation constraint. Considering the linear system with simultaneous actuator faults and sensor faults, the sensor saturation would bring the output measurement error of the system, which would result in the estimation performance degradation. Firstly, the intermediate estimator is modified to estimate the system states and fault signals at the simultaneous time, and the fault-tolerant controller is designed based on the estimation to compensate the effect of actuator faults effectively. Through Lyapunov stability analysis, the sufficient conditions are obtained to ensure the states of closed-loop system to be uniformly ultimately bounded. The effect of sensor saturation error can be suppressed by adjusting some specified parameters directly without introducing any performance index. Finally, the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method are verified by a simulation example.

Keyword : Actuator faults, fault-tolerant control, intermediate estimator, sensor faults, sensor saturation.

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