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Modeling and Design of High Performance Converters for Optimal Utilization of Interconnected Renewable Energy Resources to Micro Grid with GOLRS Controller

Surendar V* and U. S. Ragupathy
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.63-75, 2021

Abstract : This paper proposes a bidirectional Z-source dc-dc converter topology for the optimal utilization of renewable energy sources to the microgrid with the proposed control technique. Compared to the existing dc-dc converter circuits, they can reduce in-rush and harmonic current, provide larger range of output dc voltage and improve reliability. It can operate in voltage-fed and current-fed when the place of the source and load is exchanged each other, and it can be perform buck-boost function in these two conditions. Its power flow can be bidirectional. The bidirectional Z-source dc-dc converter is revealed with the consideration of enhanced converter efficiency, effective utilization of renewable energy sources and reduced switching losses. The proposed control technique is the combination of both the grasshopper optimization algorithm (GOA) and local random search (LRS) and hence it is known as GOLRS controller. Here, the searching behaviour of the GOA is enhanced by LRS with the help of two operators named as crossover and mutation. In the proposed technique, the GOLRS is used to generate the optimal gain dataset based on the minimum error objective function and select the exact gain parameter of the PI controller. Batteries are used as an energy source to balance out and allow the renewable power system units to continue running at a steady and stable output power. The proposed technique is executed in the MATLAB/Simulink working platform and compared with various existing techniques.

Keyword : Grasshopper optimization algorithm, high performance converters, interconnected renewable energy resources, local random search (LRS), micro grid

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