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Finite Time Fractional-order Adaptive Backstepping Fault Tolerant Control of Robotic Manipulator

Zeeshan Anjum and Yu Guo*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.301-310, 2021

Abstract : In this paper, fractional calculus theory is employed to inspect a finite time fault tolerant controller for robotic manipulators in the presence of uncertainties, unknown external load disturbances, and actuator faults, using fractional-order adaptive backstepping approach in order to achieve, fast response and high-precision tracking performance. Knowing the advantages of adaptive controllers an adaptive form of the above controller is then established to deal with the overall uncertainties in the system. The most important property of the proposed controller is that we do not need to have knowledge about the actuator fault, external disturbances and system uncertainties exist in system. In this study two important achievements are made. The first one is that the finite time convergence of closed-loop system is ensured irrespective of initial states values. The second one is that the effects of the actuator faults and other uncertainties are attenuated by the suggested controller. The performance of the suggested controller is then tested for a PUMA560 robot in which the first three joints are used. The simulation results validate the usefulness of the suggested finite-time fractional-order adaptive backstepping fault-tolerant (FOAB-FTC) controller in terms of accuracy of tracking, and convergent speed.

Keyword : Backstepping control, fault tolerant control, fractional-order control, robotic manipulator.

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