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Reduced-order Generalized Proportional Integral Observer Based Continuous Dynamic Sliding Mode Control for Magnetic Levitation System with Time-varying Disturbances

Junxiao Wang*, Lei Zhao, and Li Yu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.439-448, 2021

Abstract : In order to reduce the influence of time-varying disturbances for magnetic levitation system, we propose a reduced-order generalized proportional integral observer (RGPIO) based continuous dynamic sliding mode control scheme for magnetic levitation system in this paper. Unlike the popular extended state observer (ESO), it could deal with constant or slowing varying disturbances from theoretical point of view, the reduced-order generalized proportional integral observer (RGPIO) is designed to estimate the time-varying disturbances and system states, then the dynamic sliding mode surface is developed and deduce a continuous sliding mode controller (CSMC) for magnetic levitation system. Compared with ESO based continuous sliding mode controller, the proposed method not only ensures the position tracking accuracy, but also obtain better time-varying disturbance reject ability. Simulation and experimental results are also given to verify the effectiveness.

Keyword : Continuous sliding mode control, magnetic levitation system, reduced-order generalized proportional integral observer, time-varying disturbances.

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