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A New Geometric Subproblem to Extend Solvability of Inverse Kinematics Based on Screw Theory for 6R Robot Manipulators

Josuet Leoro*, Tesheng Hsiao, and Carlos Betancourt
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.562-573, 2021

Abstract : Geometric inverse kinematics procedures that divide the whole problem into several subproblems with known solutions, and make use of screw motion operators have been developed in the past for 6R robot manipulators. These geometric procedures are widely used because the solutions of the subproblems are geometrically meaningful and numerically stable. Nonetheless, the existing subproblems limit the types of 6R robot structural configurations for which the inverse kinematics can be solved. This work presents the solution of a novel geometric subproblem that solves the joint angles of a general anthropomorphic arm. Using this new subproblem, an inverse kinematics procedure is derived which is applicable to a wider range of 6R robot manipulators. The inverse kinematics of a closed curve were carried out, in both simulations and experiments, to validate computational cost and realizability of the proposed approach. Multiple 6R robot manipulators with different structural configurations were used to validate the generality of the method. The results are compared with those of other methods in the screw theory framework. The obtained results show that our approach is the most general and the most efficient.

Keyword : Geometric subproblems, inverse kinematics, quaternions, screw theory

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