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Design Robust Self-tuning FPIDF Controller for AVR System

Khaled Eltag* and Baoyong Zhang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 2, pp.910-920, 2021

Abstract : This paper presents the fuzzy PID filter (FPIDF) controller for the automatic voltage regulator (AVR). This controller is used to maintain the generating unit output voltage within allowable limit, and improve the weakness of the conventional controller’s fast response under any sudden changes in operating conditions or any disturbance that affect the voltage stability. Firstly, the PID low pass filter (PIDF) controller initial values are calculated by using teaching-learning based optimization (TLBO) algorithms. After that, we construct the FPIDF for self-tuning the PIDF parameters in real-time to make the controller fast response. The dynamic performance characteristic of the terminal voltage is investigated and analyzed when the system subjected to the different step change in reference voltage from low to high. The performance of FPIDF is compared with PIDF, fuzzy PID (FPID), and classical PID controller. Also, the FPIDF controller performance is compared with other metaheuristics algorithms based on the controller in the latest literature. Moreover, the strengths, robustness, and effectiveness of the FPIDF controller are checked under uncertainties of AVR parameters. The maximum total deviation of the system performance is calculated in different ranges of the system parameter deviations. The results show a small maximum total deviation percentage when using the proposed controller. Finally, we can observe that the FPIDF controller has better dynamic performance than the other controllers, also has strong robustness and fast real-time response under any sudden changes in system operation.

Keyword : AVR system, dynamic performance, fuzzy PID control, TLBO optimization, robustness analysis.

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