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Adaptive Parameter Identification for Nonlinear Sandwich Systems with Hysteresis Nonlinearity Based Guaranteed Performance

Linwei Li, Huanlong Zhang*, Fengxian Wang, and Xuemei Ren
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 2, pp.942-952, 2021

Abstract : The paper presents an adaptive identification algorithm via data filtering and improved prescribed performance function for Sandwich systems with hysteresis nonlinearity. By developing a filter in which the filter is simple and easy to realize online and several variables, the estimation error vector can be derived. To improve the transient performance of estimator, a modified prescribed performance function is proposed to constrain the estimation error data through the usage of the predefined domain. For the constrained estimation error condition, the error transformation technique is utilized to simplify the design of the estimator thanks to that the restricted condition is transformed into unconstrained condition. To achieve the convergence of the parameter estimation and assure the predetermined property, a fresh adaptive law is developed. Moreover, the theoretical analysis indicates that the error can converge to a small region based on martingale difference theorem. According to the numerical verification and experimental results, the advantage and practicability of the invented estimator are inspected by comparing the estimators with unconstrained condition.

Keyword : Constrained parameter estimation, data filtering, error transformation idea, hysteresis, prescribed performance function, Sandwich systems.

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