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Trajectory Planning for Industrial Robot Manipulators Considering Assigned Velocity and Allowance Under Joint Acceleration Limit

S. Rohan Munasinghe/Masatoshi Nakamura/Satoru Goto/Nobuhiro Kyura
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.68-45, 2003

Abstract : This paper presents an effective trajectory planning algorithm for industrial robot manipulators. Given the end-effector trajectory in Cartesian space, together with the relevant constraints and task specifications, the proposed method is capable of planning the optimum end-effector trajectory. The proposed trajectory planning algorithm considers the joint acceleration limit, end-effector velocity limits, and trajectory allowance. A feedforward compensator is also incorporated in the proposed algorithm to counteract the delay in joint dynamics. The algorithm is carefully designed so that it can be directly adopted with the existing industrial manipulators. The proposed algorithm can be easily programmed for various tasks given the specifications and constraints. A three-dimensional test trajectory was planned with the proposed algorithm and tested with the Performer MK3s industrial manipulator. The results verified effective manipula-tor performance within the constraints.

Keyword : internet, TCP/IP, CAN, gateway, network

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