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Further Robust Stability Analysis for Time-delayed Neutral-type Systems by a Modified Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional

Li Li, Xianyong Zhang*, and Wenxi Feng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 5, pp.1785-1797, 2021

Abstract : This paper further studies the stability of the uncertain delayed neutral-type system by constructing a novel Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional (LKF) with some delay-dependent and N-dependent items. Some new delaydependent robust stability criteria are proposed based on linear matrix inequality (LMI). The criteria proposed in this paper are less conservative than some recent previous ones. Some numerical examples, including a linear neutral-type system, the partial element equivalent circuit and a general linear system, are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Keyword : Delay-dependent criterion, Lyapunov theory, neutral-type system, time-varying delay.

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