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Research and Improvement on Active Compliance Control of Hydraulic Quadruped Robot

Rui Zhu, Qingjun Yang*, Jiaxing Song, Shangru Yang, Yudong Liu, and Qi Mao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 5, pp.1931-1943, 2021

Abstract : This paper focuses on active compliance control of hydraulic quadruped robot, especially the analysis of the inner-loop of the coupled system. Current researches on active compliance control regard the bandwidth of the inner loop of the system as infinite, while ignoring that the extra-load will cause the inner-loop response characteristics to deteriorate when the leg is in the stance phase. In this work, we first briefly introduced the structure of the robot, and its kinematics and dynamics are analyzed. Next, the robot’s active compliance control framework is established, and the inner-loop two-cylinder coupling system is analyzed in depth. It can be concluded that the existence of low frequency poles in the system is the main reason for the poor response characteristics. Then through the analysis of the state equation and transfer function matrix of the multi-input multi-output system, we show that the equivalent hydraulic spring stiffness (EHSS) is the main factor affecting the zero-pole distribution. Furthermore, we optimize the structure to increase the EHSS to improve the response characteristics of the system. Finally, the co-simulation platform and single-leg experiment bench are introduced. The simulation and experimental results show that the response speed of the inner-loop control is significantly improved after optimization, and the robot with active compliance control strategies can significantly reduce the impact of the foot.

Keyword : Active compliance control, hydraulic robot, position control, structural optimization

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