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Model Order Reduction Algorithm Based on Preserving Dominant Poles

Ngoc Kien Vu and Hong Quang Nguyen*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 6, pp.2047-2058, 2021

Abstract : In recent years, model order reduction (MOR) has been interested in more and more scientists. A lot of MOR algorithms have been introduced by many different approaches, among which preserving the dominant poles of the original system and Hankel singular values of the original system in order reduction system are appropriate approaches with many advantages. The article introduces a new MOR algorithm applied for stable and unstable linear systems, based on the idea of preserving the dominant poles of the original system during the order reduction. The algorithm will switch matrix-A of the original high-order system into the upper triangular matrix, then arrange the poles under the measure of dominance- H, H2, and mixed points on the main diagonal of upper triangular matrixA, in order to attain a small error order reduction and preserve dominant poles simultaneously. The effectiveness of the new algorithm is illustrated through the order reduction of the high-order controller. Simulation results have proven the correctness of the algorithm.

Keyword : Dominant pole, high-order controller, model order reduction, upper triangular matrix.

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