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Non-fragile H∞ Fault Detection for Nonlinear Systems with Stochastic Communication Protocol and Channel Fadings

Weijian Ren, Mengyu Gao, and Chaohai Kang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 6, pp.2150-2162, 2021

Abstract : This paper deals with the fault detection problem for a class of randomly occurring nonlinear systems with channel fadings under stochastic communication protocol (SCP). Due to the limited communication capacity, the stochastic communication protocol is adopted to determine when the sensor node is used to transmit data between the sensors and the fault detection filter, the actual measurement signal received by the filter is represented by the L-order Rice fading model. A non-fragile fault detection filter is constructed to generate the residual signal. And in order to analyze the stable of the error dynamics, an auxiliary error system is established. Combining stochastic analysis technique, Lyapunov stability theory, linear matrix inequalities(LMIs) calculation method and H∞ filtering technique, the fault detection problem is transformed into equivalent H∞ filtering problem, the sufficient conditions for the existence of fault detection filter are obtained that ensure stochastically stability of the error dynamics with prescribed H∞ performance constraints. In addition, the filter gains can be calculated by solving the LMI. Finally, a numerical simulation example is given for the effectiveness of the fault detection scheme.

Keyword : Channel fadings, H∞ fault detection, non-fragile, nonlinearity, stochastic communication protocol (SCP).

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