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MPPT Adaptive Controller of DC-based DFIG in Resistances Uncertainty

Yuliang Sun, Shaomin Yan, Bin Cai, Yuqiang Wu*, and Zhongcai Zhang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 8, pp.2734-2746, 2021

Abstract : A coordinated adaptive feedback linearization controller (FLC-A) based on a flux observer for DC-based DFIG to track the maximum power point (MPP) is introduced in this paper. The stator and rotor of DFIG are connected to DC grid directly by two voltage source converters. First, an adaptive controller is used to track the MPP on the system which is decoupled by a single-loop feedback linearization strategy. Meanwhile, the proposed controller can estimate and compensate the changes of stator and rotor resistances caused by physical environment in real time, and improve the dynamic performance of the system; second, under the persistent excitation condition (PED), a stator flux observer with online resistance estimation in the stationary reference frame is adopted to replace the traditional flux calculation method or flux meter, which increases system reliability. The stability of adaptive control rate and nonlinear observer is proved by Lyapunov theory. Simulations are carried out to prove the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed control strategy.

Keyword : Coordinated adaptive feedback linearization strategy, DC-based DFIG, maximum power point tracking(MPPT), stator flux observer.

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