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Design of a Sliding Mode Controller with Fuzzy Rules for a 4-DoF Service Robot

Le Bao, Dongeon Kim, Seung-Joon Yi, and Jangmyung Lee*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 8, pp.2869-2881, 2021

Abstract : In this study, a novel control strategy that combines a fuzzy system and the sliding mode controller is proposed for improving stability and achieving high-accuracy control in service robots. Based on the kinematic and dynamic models of a 4-degrees of freedom manipulator, and the observed tracking error using a low-cost inertial sensor, the proposed fuzzy sliding mode controller (FSMC(IMU)) is designed to generate appropriate torques at robot joints. The FSMC(IMU) controller parameters are adjusted through a fuzzy rule that determines the state of the system. The error in trajectory tracking is reduced through this. The gain value K can be finely adjusted by fuzzy control by observing the degree of vibration after entering the sliding mode surface. The larger the observed vibration value, the faster the fuzzy controller follows the given input trajectory by selecting a smaller gain value K and reducing jitter due to the sliding mode control’s discontinuous switch characteristics. When the degree of error is small, it achieves faster and more accurate control performance than when the observer is not used. The stability of the FSMC(IMU) system is verified via disturbance experiments. The experimental data are compared with the conventional sliding mode controller and proportional-derivative control. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed FSMC(IMU) controller is stable, fast, and highly accurate in controlling service robots.

Keyword : Fuzzy system, nonlinear control systems, robot control, service robot, sliding mode controller (SMC)

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