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Finite-time Containment Control of Nonlinear Delayed Fractional Multi-agent Systems

Zeyi Wang, Song Liu*, and Xiaoyan Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 10, pp.3379-3387, 2021

Abstract : This article deals with finite-time containment control (FTCC) of nonlinear delayed fractional multiagent systems (FMASs). Addressing fractional Razumikhin approach, properties of fractional calculus and analytical techniques, a quadratic Lyapunov function is constructed to derive sufficient conditions on FTCC by adopting a discontinuous control protocol, the employed method may overcome well the troubles arising from time delays and fractional derivatives. Numerical simulations further clarify the reliability and validity of our theoretical conclusions.

Keyword : Finite-time containment control, fractional Razumikhin approach, multi-agent systems, time delays.

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