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Chaos-PSO-based Motion Planning and Accurate Tracking for Position-posture Control of a Planar Underactuated Manipulator with Disturbance

Pan Zhang, Xuzhi Lai*, Yawu Wang, and Min Wu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 10, pp.3511-3521, 2021

Abstract : Unlike a fully-actuated manipulator, the position-posture control of a planar underactuated manipulator (PUM) is more difficult, but the research on it is significant due to the wide practical applications. The existing control methods consider no external disturbance and are involved in the staged control idea, bringing the problems of nonsmooth control torque and time-consuming. A novel one-stage control approach is proposed in this paper for the position-posture control of a three-link PUM with the first free joint under the external disturbance. By analyzing the coupling relationship between its active joints and free joint, the position-posture control is transformed into the trajectory tracking control. Unlike the general trajectory planning, the trajectories of the active joints are planned to include several parameters. Meanwhile, the parameters are solved using a chaos particle swarm optimization algorithm to guarantee that all joint angles can reach to their desired angles. Then, to obtain the high trajectory tracking accuracy at every moment under the external disturbance, the nonlinear disturbance observer is constructed and a nonlinear fast terminal sliding mode tracking controller is designed. Finally, the feasibility and superiority of this strategy are verified via two simulations.

Keyword : Chaos particle swarm optimization, nonlinear disturbance observer, nonlinear fast terminal sliding mode control, planar underactuated manipulator, position-posture control, trajectory planning and optimization.

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