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High-precision Position Tracking Control of Electro-hydraulic Servo Systems Based on an Improved Structure and Desired Compensation

Wei Shen*, Xinyu Liu, and Xiaoyu Su
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 11, pp.3622-3630, 2021

Abstract : "How to improve the position tracking accuracy of electro-hydraulic servo system is a hot issue today. Full state feedback control has received widespread attention for its ability to significantly improve control performance, however, its practical application range is limited in view of the large influence of measurement noise. In terms of this issue, we propose an adaptive robust controller based on improved structure and desired compensation. Firstly, to reduce the impact of measurement noise, the actual state value is substituted by the corresponding desired value in the controller design based on model compensation and the adaptive model compensator. Then, we introduce a new auxiliary variable into the controller to optimize its structure. In addition, nonlinear robust control laws are integrated in the controller to balance unstructured uncertainties. Simulation analysis shows that the proposed control strategy not only achieves the asymptotic tracking when parameter perturbation exists, but also ensures a specified transient response and final tracing precision under the combined influence of structured and unstructured uncertainties. The results indicate that the control strategy has good control accuracy as well as strong robustness"

Keyword : Adaptive robust control, desired compensation, electro-hydraulic servo system, motion control, uncertainties

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