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Coupled Orbit-attitude Saturated Control for Solar Sail in Earth-Moon 3-body System

Liping Wu, Yu Guo*, and Zhihao Zhu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 11, pp.3631-3641, 2021

Abstract : "This paper aims to investigate a coupled orbit-attitude control strategy for a kind of novel spacecraft, solar sail, to track the given orbit in Earth-Moon 3-Body dynamic environment in presence of the matched and mismatched disturbances, attitude control saturation, orbital modeling error and parametric uncertainties. A cascaded triple-loop control structure is proposed to deal with the strong couplings between the orbit and attitude systems. The inner loop focusing on the orbital effects on attitude dynamics, an adaptive saturation controller is proposed to achieve attitude angular tracking, where the uncertain inertia, unknown matched disturbance and saturated attitude control torque are compensated by combining the unknown knowledge. The middle loop is to handle the orbit effects on attitude kinematics facing the mismatched disturbance. In the outer loop, the effects of attitude system on orbit dynamics are deal with, where an adaptive orbit controller is designed considering the uncertain optical parameter and orbital modeling error. The proposed control structure efficiently simplifies the coupled orbit-attitude control design for solar sail. In contrast to traditional coupled controllers for solar sail, the proposed control laws do not require exact knowledge of parametric uncertainties, disturbances and orbit modeling errors. The combination of unknown information reduces the number of estimated parameters as well. The numerical simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy."

Keyword : "Coupled orbit-attitude, mismatched disturbances, modeling error, saturated control, solar sail spacecraft. "

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