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Admittance Force Tracking Control Schemes for Robot Manipulators under Uncertain Environment and Dynamics

Seul Jung* and Do-Jin Jeong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 11, pp.3753-3763, 2021

Abstract : "Force control for robot manipulators is increasingly demanded for stable and desired interaction between robots and environments. In this paper, several modifications of an admittance force control scheme are presented and derived from force tracking impedance functions to give a force tracking capability to position-controlled robot manipulators. Admittance force control known as the position-based force control has a structural advantage of easy implementation for the force control capability to the existing position-controlled robot systems by closing an outer force control loop. The admittance filter as an inverse of impedance function is implemented to filter force errors to modify the reference position such that the eventual force tracking impedance control is realized indirectly. Admittance filters are formulated from impedance functions that guarantee the desired force/position tracking performances with the help of the time-delayed controller. Desired contact force/position tracking control is achieved under uncertain environment and dynamics. Extensive simulation studies of force/position tracking control performances of the proposed control schemes for a robot manipulator are conducted to confirm the proposition."

Keyword : "Admittance control, force tracking control, impedance control, robot manipulators, time-delayed control. "

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